E-cigarette techology smoking hot while cities struggle with regulations

E-cigarette stores boom in Minnesota after cigarette tax increase

Dr. Michael Siegel, a tobacco control specialist at Boston University School of Public Health who advocated for smoke-free laws in California and Massachusetts, said research shows e-cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes, although more research is needed. Siegel said since there is no tobacco or combustion in an e-cigarette, there is no secondhand smoke. However, he said, the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine heated to create the vapor has very low levels of formaldehyde, a chemical found in carpeting or upholstery. “My view of public health regulations is that in order for the government to intervene there needs to be evidence that behavior is causing a public harm,” Siegel said.
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E-cigarette maker targets Colorado

Cloud was the first e-cigarette shop to open in the city’s surrounding area in late May. Three more stores, E-Cig Emporium, Vapers Way and Smokin’ Monkey, have set up shops since the beginning of this month, according to the St. Cloud Times.
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Antismoking groups push for veto of R.I. e-cigarette legislation

E-cigarettes have flavoring, and studies of other tobacco products show that flavoring appeals to youths. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said in a statement Friday: Too much remains unknown about the potential health risks of these new nicotine products. We are concerned that the tobacco industry is introducing yet another product to Coloradans that is addictive and potentially harmful to their health. Also known as personal vaporizers, e-cigarettes broke into the American market six years ago. They look like cigarettes, but do not contain tobacco. They actually are battery-operated inhalers that turn nicotine into a vapor.
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And with federal regulators still studying the health risks of the new technology, they suggest the bill could create regulatory loopholes with long-term and national implications. It does not have any teeth, said Karina Holyoak Wood, who is director of the Rhode Island Tobacco Control Network, a coalition that includes the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, among others. They are trying to do the lightest possible treatment of it while trying to sound like they are protecting children. But tobacco and e-cigarette companies say the concerns are unfounded. It is unfortunate that some organizations oppose this obviously sensible measure, said Gregory Conley, legislative director for the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, a non-profit 501c(4) organization that advocates for e-cigarettes and other smokeless alternatives. We are aware of no genuine arguments in favor of the veto. John Hogan, a director of government relations for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, the nations second-largest tobacco company and makers of Camel, Winston, Salem, Kool and other traditional cigarette brands, agreed. At the end of the day, what we feel is important is that Rhode Island enact a law that keeps this out of the hands of minors, said Hogan, who is also a former Rhode Island lobbyist.
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